Go ahead, Google "Bathys Hawaii" and see what you turn up. What you are likely to find is people talking about how much they like their watch, or very positive reviews on the most respected watch forums. Every now and then I find one for sale, but the link is always dead because the watch has sold in 1-2 days. My point is that all our hard work is paying off.

Hey, our first release was a quartz watch, for goodness sakes! A quartz watch is basically the anathema of all "true" watch lovers, but in the Bathys watch they could see the extra love. We made watch lovers actually love a quartz watch. That’s not easy to do.

And really, quartz watches dohave many good points - they are both more accurate and less expensive than a mechanical watch. To someone who is not "into watches", I always have a hard time explaining why anyone would even want a mechanical watch - it being much more expensive and less maintenance-free - and you can’t just throw it in a drawer and forget about it. Of course to a watch lover, the appeal is obvious!

So we offer both. Take your pick, or pick both. And we’ll keep working hard on more cool stuff.