Quartz Mens


Quartz watches have a lot to prove these days. Supposedly only mechanical watches are “real” anymore. Well, Bathys Hawaii flew right in the face of that mindset with our first model, the large date quartz 100 Fathom, and we showed that a quartz watch can hold its own in any cage match. Our use of silver and Ultraviolet PVD coatings was something no one had ever done before - regardless of cost. We have plenty of guys taking off their Breitlings, their Rolexes, even their Ulysee Nardins - to strap on a quartz-driven Bathys watch and wear it everyday.

And not everyone has $1000+ to spend on a watch, yeah? One of the founding concepts of Bathys Hawaii was to offer a product that is both very high quality and affordable to the Watermen here in Hawaii. So even as we add more exotic mechanical models to our line, we will stay true to our roots and offer the quartz models for guys (and in 2007, women as well) who want to have a solid watch they can depend on. We’re trying to get rid of that “buy a $90 Freestyle/Casio/Timex, wear it 2 seasons, then toss it” mentality.