Quartz Mens


Conceived and designed for pure function, the Bathys Hawaii 100 Fathom in quartz is both an outstanding timepiece and an outstanding value. The PVD coatings dramatically increase the surface hardness and protect against both wear and corrosion. The sapphire crystal is the second hardest substance on earth and can only be scratched by a diamond. An antireflection coating on the inside of the crystal dramatically reduces internal reflections and makes the dial highly-legible. Triple doses of Superluminova luminous material make the hands and numerals shine through the darkest night. The large-date complication aids in quick viewing of the date with no need for magnification. All these features and many more, come together to yield a watch that yearns to be strapped on and worn through anything.

For our newest models, we couldn’t leave good-enough alone - we had to subtly tweak the design of the new quartz line-up. UPDATE: The #1 question we get is "When will more 100F Quartz watches be available?" And the answer is most likely in first or second-quarter 2013

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