Epic Kayaks -
These guys make the best surf-skis on the planet. Our Bathys-wearing friend and 11-time Molokai-Oahu Race Winner Oscar Chalupsky is one of the firm's co-owners along with 2X Gold Medalist Greg Barton. How can they make a 17 foot surf ski weigh less than 18 pounds? Sick technology basically... NEWS FLASH: Watch Oscar compete LIVE at the Molokai Race on Sunday, May 18th at beginning at 9am HST (3pm EDT).

G. Brad Lewis - Photographer of All Things Volcanic -
Besides being a great guy, Brad is one of the foremost photographer of lava, volcanoes, and cataclysms in general. Prints and giclees of his work are available for sale at his website and in galleries around Hawaii. He's the man when it comes to magma.

Luke Tipple -
Luke has joined on as the newest Bathys Ambassador.  A certified dive master and marine biologist, Luke heads his own great white shark dive company.  Catch him as he leads Adam and Jamie from Myth Busters into shark infested waters.  Watch Luke's website for info on winning a Bathys Watch.



Our favorite TV show on OC16

The best place to get a long-range surf forecast for Hawaii and beyond..

A fun live webcam perched over the Pu'u O'o vent at Volcano National Park on the Big Island:

If you are visiting Kauai or are planning to visit, here's the best place to get useful information about hiking and beaches. They offer many good suggestions to keep you and your family safe in the water and on the trail.

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