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Welcome to BathysWatch.com the premier Dive watch review site for the very best professional diver watches available in the world of dive watches. Bathys Watches are designed in Hawaii where lifestyle is inspired by the treasures of the ocean and manufactured in Switzerland which has become synonymous with state of the art watchmaking industry. Our Bathys Watch Review will endevour to review all current and upcoming dive watches available for shipping by Bathys Watches and other top diver watch brands. Bathys Watches are proving to be a real force in the market for those of us searching for the best Dive watches in the world of professional diver watches.

In the world of the professional diver it is the rhythm of the tides and the various moon phases that dictate what strategy needs to be adopted and the best time to implement it. For example for the initiated Kona winds mean rain and strong trades mean sun. A professional diver builds up his knowledge bank and learns to trust his instincts whilst becoming dependent on having the absolute best and trusted gear available. For a professional diver and obviously anyone else, going out at the wrong time might be the last decision that is made.

Bathys watches was created against this backdrop of seductive chaos. Bathys watches and most other professional dive watches are made to handle every single situation a diver might face. Like for example towering surf, constant saltwater exposure, jagged lava, and remote locations where rescue is simply impossible. Bathys watches are watches that you can trust your life long with and that will last for decades as they are built with excellent quality steel, brass, sapphire, and leather.

In the world of diving watches, Style by default becomes secondary but a selected few elite manufacturers with a passion for diving and who live and flow with “The Life” are able to fuse the two worlds of producing the best diver watch with the other world to produce the most stylish watch into ONE. That is how a world class masterpiece and timepiece is born. Such an example most definately┬ábecome a vintage collectors timepiece that can be worn in any situation without being out of place and at the same time a sound investment.

Come and jpoin us in the quest to search for and reveal to the world the best and coolest dive watches in the world and also to facilitate their sales and shipping to eager diver watch enthusiasts.

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