Best Seiko Dive Watches Great Value for Money

Before we start lets clarify, are Seiko dive watches any good?

There is no way anyone in their right mind could disagree that Seiko dive watches are damm good. In fact they seem to be taking over the market right now as we are writing this piece for you today. Yes indeed and with great merit. Seiko dive watches have been seen with the best of the best in the diving world since the early 1960s and for good reason. Seiko buid everything in-house and to the finest quality standards and craftsmanship. Furthermore many innovative technologies have been developed by them all along the way.

For the time being we will be concentrating on the most popular classic automatic series which can be seen as a no brainer featuring models in the SKX, Turtle, Sumo, and contemporary product ranges of Seiko solar powered and kinetic diving watches.

Why do we recommend Seiko dive watches above all others?

Simple answer is the superior value for money together with state of the art craftsmanship at a bargain price!

The point being that Seiko watches in general and especially with respect to specialist diver watches take there craftmanship most seriously. There is even a museum in Japan dedicated to propagate the history and leading watchmaking skills of Seiko.

With around 6 decades of manufacturing dive watches to the most superior performing standards and with the breathtakingly large on-going research and development Seiko has established itself as an iconic giant among brands in the art of making awesome diver watches. Having said all this what makes purchasing a Seiko dive watch a no brainer is that their watches are really good value for money. Indeed there is a watch for all budget levels so no watch enthusiast should overlook having a perfect example of these fine dive watches.

Seiko Watch movements are very reliable

Seiko has established itself as a fully fledged vertical watchmaker and top competitor for top watch brands. Seiko uses extremely reliable watch movements for all kinds of watches. Seiko manufacture all their movements in-house and not by third parties. This provides enough evidence that goes a long way to explain the complete synchronisation of the body and heart of a watch. This integration and devotion to quality is exactly what Seiko represents.

One of Seiko’s most ground breaking inventions has been the LumiBrite technology. It is a safe eco-friendly longer-lasting luminescent paint without having  radioactivity.

Furthermore Hardlex glass is widely used in most Seiko timepieces. This gives scratch and knock resistance to Seiko watches. It is a kind of mineral glass having extreme toughness.

Seiko enhances it’s quality standards and reputation by being ISO 6425 certified

Seiko’s dive watches are backed with ISO 6425 certification which goes a long way in proving their quality of innovations. This despite over 130 years of manufacturing high quality and functional watches. No wonder Seiko are such a reputable brand in the watchmaking industry.

This ISO 6425 certification is an international standard for testing with strict and complicated tests in order to asertain the diving capabilities of each dive watch so that they achieve certification.

Best Seiko Automatic Dive Watches Reviews

Seiko SKX007 Automatic Dive Watch

seiko SKx007


Seiko SKX007 Automatic Dive Watch
Got to be the best seiko dive watch ever!       Verdict: 9.0.   Check Price At Amazon


  • Very Affordable
  • Sporty look and beauty makes it’s use versatile
  • LumiBrite technology gives strong and safe lume
  • Snug fit very comfortable and light
  • Robust design


  • The resin band may not suit everyone
  • Unusual crown position at 4 o’clock mark

Technical Specifications

Movement:  Seiko 7S26 21-jewel Automatic Caliber

Case Diameter:  40.0 mm

Case Thickness: 13.3 mm

Band Width:       22.0 mm

Water Resistance:   200 metres (660 ft.)

The  SKX007 is one of the most affordable yet at the same time high-quality dive watches available in the market at the moment. Having the Seiko branding makes this watch even more desirable due to the extremely good reliability.

This awesome dive watch has a 200m (660 feet) water resistance, which makes it ideal for recreational water activities as well as most types of water based adventures available.

The SKX007 is one of those cool watches you cannot resist buying even if it is a specialist dive watch. It is so sporty and 007 looking! What’s more this dive watch is the most popular and bestselling dive watch from Seiko. No doubt this is because of it’ affordability and also for it’s extremely good quality. For these reasons it totally dominates most entry level diver’s preference.

Best to snap the Seiko SKX007 as quickly as possible as we are pretty sure these ultra low prices will not last for long. Just cannot figure out how they can price it the way they do!

Having a diameter of 40mm, it is a great size for a diver’s watch and definitely not too large. It is a tiny bit thicker than quartz watches but nevertheless is still very comfortable when worn.

The unidirectional bezel made of stainless steel with a black and white contrasting back ground ensuring easy reading under water. This does wonders for the fashion appeal of the watch as it blends in well with the look and feel of the dive world.

The bezel design makes the this dive watch look more solid, rugged, and stylish but reduces dress watchiness and elegance a bit but that is purely subjective and a matter of preference.

Overall the Seiko SKX007 is really sporty and nevertheless still elegant and stylish at the same time. The Seiko SKX007 is really a timepiece that is versatile can be dressed up or down easily. It can fit in with many fashion styles and looks with it’s super sporty good looks. Probably too sporty for formal dress codes.

Simple lumibrite dots for the hour markers and a triangle for the 12 o’clock notation, gives it a playful yet fully functional quality. The  matt dial in black with contrasting white numerals give it excellent visibility from all angles!

Internally the Seiko SKX007 carries the automated and very precise Seiko 7S26 movement. this movement relies on your body movements to keep it charged up and running. However non movement for over 48 hours will result in the movement stopping altogether.

The entry level Seiko 7S26 caliber is very capable despite being entry level. The Seiko SKX007 is non-hackable and has 21 jewels resulting in an offset of about 10 – 15 seconds a day.

SKX007 uses the acclaimed LumiBrite technology produced by Seiko, which as mentioned above is a safer type of luminescence having a faster exposure time for sunlight absorption. The long lasting LumiBrite makes sure this watch looks really cool at night whatever the activity!

This is a very simple minimalistic and eye-catching design sporting excellent dependability not to forget to mention the super affordable price tag makes sure the Seiko SKX007 remains a favorite and probably one of the best Seiko dive watches altogether!.


Seiko SRP777 Prospex Turtle Automatic Dive Watch

Seiko SRP Prosper Turtle Automatic Dive Watch

Seiko SRP777 Prospex Turtle Automatic Dive Watch

Fabulous Dive Watch oozing Sophistication.        Verdict:   8.2                 Buy on Amazon


  • An Outstanding & unique design of this dive watch a pleasure
  • Nice snug fit band is just simply perfect for diving
  • LumiBrite technology keeps the lights on in the dark!
  • Wears really well and feels very comfortable on the wrist


  • Maybe just a little too bulky for many users
  • The four o’clock position of the watch pin may not appeal to all


Technical Specifications

Case Diameter:       44 mm

Case Thickness:      13 mm

Band Width:            22 mm

Moevement:            Seiko 4R36 Automatic 24-jewel Caliber

Water Resistance 200 meters (660 foot)

The Seiko SRP777 Prospex Turtle is a dive watch that is highly distinguishable with it’s bulky look and lugs. Another really affordable dive watch from Seiko albeit a little more expensive than the Seiko SKX007 when compared.

The SRP777 Turtle is also very simple in design and pleasing to the eye due to it’s beautiful turtle shell type design giving it an aura of overall ruggedness coupled with dynamic sportiness to it.

The Seiko Turtle SRP777 is a remake of the classic plunge view 6309-7040 dive watch which was so popular from the early 70s towards the 80s. It was only manufactured for a little more than a decade and has consequently become a super sought after watch enthusiasts  timepiece. The Seiko SRP777 was the result of fusing time memorial classics with contemporary technologies.

The inclusion of drilled lugs helps to make this watch outstanding in comparison with more vintage models and the use of Hardlex crystal for the dial helps to give the watch a great deal of strength to handle most tasks. The LumiBrite technology really helps to brighten up this watch in the dark making it readable in most conditions.

The watch diameter for the Prospex Turtle SRP777 is a little on the large size at 44mm. The current trend in mind having an average size being from 40-44mm Nevertheless it may suit some more than others and takes to it’s own underwater scuba diving.

Still not to recommend this particular dive watch for people with smaller-sized wrists due to the bulkiness  compared to larger wrists. Still bearing all in mind it has a fitting that actually fits most people really well.

The black stainless steel bezel is fits perfectly with iin contrast with the brushed metal watch. General speaking the SRP777 Prospex Turtle is a little bulky and very sporty looking. The colour black and white contrast makes it look really cool and easy to read above and below water.

The SRP777 Turtle is certainly one the greatest Seiko automatic watches and features the 4R36 caliber with 24 jewels giving exceptional accuracy. It is hackable and can be hand wound. It offers an offset of about 10 – 15 seconds per day.


Seiko SBDC031 Prospex Sumo Automatic Dive Watch

Seiko SBDC031 Prosper Sumo Automatic Dive Watch

Seiko SBDC031 Prospex Sumo Automated Dive Watch.

Good performance all-round         Verdict 7.9     Buy on Amazon



  • Overall feel regarding the watch is classy and appealing
  • Good design and contrast for the colors, which makes it match most outfits


  • The watch Band may be better a little wider
  • The Bracelet might get a little uncomfortable for extended wearing


Technical Specifications

Case Diameter:   44mm

Case Thickness:   13mm

Band Width:        20 mm

Movement Seiko 6R15 Automatic that is 23-jewel Self-wind

Water Resistance 200 meters (660 foot)


The Seiko Prospex SBDC031 Sumo is a highly versatile scuba dive watch which could also be mistaken for some kind of hybrid semi-formal designer dress watch and sports watch rather than a breathtalkingly cool scuba diving adventuring watch. The brushed metal finish and smooth design gets this watch noticed fast. A great friend to share one’s intimate moments with!

The watch is also a touch boardering the larger size for the average person with a diameter of 44mm. Also with the thickness of 13mm it would ideally suit a medium built diver. Yes still it is a great dive watch that is fairly average-sized and will still fit many people perfectly.

The bezel of the Seiko Sumo is really eye-catching giving it a attractive ruggedness to it. The Seiko Sumo features large-sized numbers helping to make reading underwater easier with a simple passing glance for extra comfort and efficiency.

The dial is a classic black color, quite normal for men’s diving watches to facilitate easy reading. White dots for minute markers surround it with a calendar at the 3 o’clock mark, and sporty triangles for the 12, 6, and 9 marks.

This highly versatile watch can be worn for that super sporty look as well as at semi-formal and maybe even formal ones too, depending on how you are able to ccarry the watch of course! The charm and beauty of this awesome sports watch is with this universal versatility especially if it’s is the only watch you can afford to buy!

This cool diver’s watch comes with the Seiko caliber 6R15 movement running on 23 jewels to give that extra bit of welcomed precision. It is self-winding and may be hand wound if you prefer and has an offset of about 10 seconds a day not bad for such an affordable top sports watch capable of competing with $1000 dive watches.



Seiko SSC017 Prospex Solar Powered Dive Watch

Seiko SSC017 Prospex Solar Powered Dive Watch-min

Seiko SSC017 Prospex Solar Powered Dive Watch

Top Notch Solar Powered Seiko Dive Watches      Verdict 9.2     Buy on Amazon



  • A very beautiful dive watch with stainless steel design
  • Also looks good out of water matching many outfits
  • Solar-powered timepiece guarantees lasting power
  • A great versatile dive watch and all-Round Sports watch


  • Some users may not like the Bezel movement


Technical Specifications

Case Diameter: 44mm

Case Thickness: 14mm

Band Width: 20 mm

Movement: Seiko V175 Solar Powered Quartz Caliber

Water Resistance 200 meters (660 feet)

Seiko Prospex SSC017 is a truly stunning and elegant scuba diving watch. Sporting a nice stainless steel bracelet, gives it an hybrid aura of formality and sportiness mix which is again very versatile for a dive watch. This beauty is a solar-powered timepiece can be recharged with only a minimum level of sunshine to garner enough energy for up to 6 months of constant use.

A touch on the larger size being a healthy 44mm in diameter again moderately-sized and may fit most people. The watch thickness is 14mm which is a little thicker than other quartz models in this review. It might be too thick for some, but it nevertheless plays its part really well and is very comfortable in use.

The bezel sports an attractive 2 tone color scheme mostly black colored with a small proportion in azure from the 12 to 3 mark. This contrast sits perfectly in proclaiming the sportiness of this awesome watch. Nice to find this type of combination in a bestselling Seiko dive watch.

The black colored dial is well protected with the Seiko Hardlex durable crystal. Perfect for protection against shocks and scratches. Big circular dots denote hour markers on the dial. 12 o’clock is denoted with a nice trapezoid shape.

Three subdials extend functionality and add to the unioque sporty look in a way that cannot be overlooked. The Seiko Prospex SSC017 is tasteful, stylish and fully functional at the same time. Great for semi-formal activities and outdoor activities as well as all under water activities.

The Prospex SSC017 uses a Seiko V175 solar powered quartz caliber comparable to great Swiss quartz movements and has an offset of approximately 15 seconds each month. That’s a really nice reliable movement giving world class accuracy at the same time.

A really useful feature is the screw-down crown which ensures any water doesn’t get in when scuba diving. Most quartz dive watches just have the standard push-pull type crown and in terms of quality and design is not best practice.

This superb watch has a special energy depletion warning noticable when the second hand moves in 2-second intervals and there is an overcharging prevention function which helps to maintain a healthy and safe level of charge.

As a solar powered timepiece the Seiko SSC017 doesn’t need to be worn everyday to keep working like most automatic timepieces. Solar powered watches have a super convenient and dependable source of power. Mechanical watches on the other hand like those mentioned above i.e. the Seiko SKXs or Turtle are real works of art and design and cannot be compared with each other. Each is different and has its own group of following and preferences.


Seiko SNE107P2 Solar Powered Dive Watch

Seiko SNE107P2 Solar Powered Dive Watch-min


Seiko SNE107P2 Solar Powered Dive Watch

Excellent Watch with plenty of style         Verdict: 8.4    Buy on Amazon



  • Budget-friendly diver’s view
  • Fits many users due to its average size
  • Attractive appearance and versatility
  • Informal good looks for everyday sporty good looks


  • Rubber band may possibly not be popular with other users


Technical Specifications

Case Diameter 42mm

Case Thickness 12mm

Band Width 20 mm

Movement Seiko V158 Solar Powered Quartz Caliber

Water Resistance 200 meters (660 feet)

The Seiko SNE107 exudes an attractive eye-catching appearance which more often than not gets compliments due to its dynamic styling with its silver case and bezel sporting a black dial. The black rubber watch band seals the diver look for this really cool and sophisticated looking timepiece.

The watch diameter is 42mm which is absolutely perfect for individuals with smaller wrists or lets say moderate-sized. The case size is only 12mm comparable to most typical quartz diver’s watches. This Seiko SNE107  would be a great alternative for those who shy away from the somewhat larger watches bulky looking timepieces.

The bezel for this watch is a real unique-looking and extremely attractive-looking centrepiece making this cool dive watch really worth considering.

The black dial contrasts well with metal watch and bezel stainless steel with a minimalist sporty elegance and sophistication. The hour markers are nice big and easy to read. The hours are marked with dots, with all the 6, 9, and 12 markers trapezoids which can be being the 3 o’clock window showing your day and date.

The Seiko SNE107 movement used is the V158 caliber with an offset of 15 seconds on a monthly basis, really quite acceptable for a quartz timepiece. The solar-powered battery can store enough power after being fully charged for six months of use. There is also an energy depletion advance warning so you are aware about energy levels in order to make efforts to get it re-charged.


Seiko SKA371 Kinetic Dive Watch


Seiko SKA371 Kinetic Dive Watch-min

Seiko SKA371 Kinetic Dive Watch.

Most Useful Seiko Kinetic Dive Watches             Verdict  8.3     Buy on Amazon



  • Solid look and feel of this stainless watch
  • Can be worn with formal and informal looks
  • LumiBrite technology offers a safe and lume that is strong
  • Easy to read display


  • Some users would prefer a bigger dial
  • A bit thick and bulky for some users


Technical Specifications

Case Diameter 42mm

Case Thickness 14.8mm

Band Width 24 mm

Movement Seiko 5M62 Kinetic

Water Resistance 200 meters (660 foot)

The stainless steel charm of Seiko SKA371 is amplified by its metallic black colored dial giving it a vintage look. The vintage look is a contrast to the Seiko Kinetic caliber, one of Seiko’s latest technologies.

The watch diameter is 42mm which is the perfect size to fit nicely for most people. Yes it looks bigger thanks to the lugs being quite large. The Kinetic movement has added additional bulk giving it a thickness of 14.8mm which could be a bit uncomfortable for some users. Also it might prove to be a bit on the heavy side, however some divers prefer having a watch giving a solid feel rather like a trusted companion close at hand.

The dial may appear to be a little on the smaller size at first impression but tha’s only due to the bulkiness of the watch case and breacelet on a whole. Definately easy to read with great clarity of purpose. Simplistic in design with a little more complication under micro inspection. A great choice for minimalists.

The bezel face is black with  LumiBrite markings and numbers at the 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 minutes giving it perfect  balance and harmony with the shiny stainless steel. There is also a large lumed dot embedded at the 12 o’clock marker.

The Seiko 5M62 Kinetic caliber has an offsetr of approximately 15 seconds per month. It uses the energy from your arm movements rather like automatic watches, but moreso with swing movements of the arm which are stored as energy in the quartz crystal.

The Seiko SKA371 grabs a lot of attention with its charming classic good looks combined with sporty presence of a professional looking adventure seeker. It looks like it can play the part well as long as you can! It all depends on how you carry the watch. It by itself is designed to be highly adaptive and verstaile to a contemporary sporty lifestyle

Seiko Prospex SUN019 Kinetic Dive Watch


Seiko SUN019 Kinetic Dive Watch-min

Seiko Prospex SUN019 Kinetic Dive Watch

Good performing watch all-round          Verdict  7.9                Buy on Amazon


  • Unique and functional looking design
  • A solid steel elegance with sporty good looks
  • Wearable with most types of casual, sporty and semi-formal attire
  • Tough and rugged looking the part for reliability and dependability


  • higher price range than others
  • A bit heavy for some light framed users


Technical Specifications

Case Diameter 47mm

Case Thickness 15mm

Dial Synthetic Sapphire

Band Width 24 mm

Movement Seiko 5M85 Kinetic

Water Resistance 200 meters (660 foot)

The Seiko Prospex SUN019 is a nice big diver’s watch with nearly all-stainless metal appearance, providing a sense of ruggedness and toughness whilst being able to be flipped into a semi-formal environment at a moments notice.

The diameter for the Seiko Prospex SUN019 is an awesomely huge 47mm giving it superb visability and usefulness underwater. Also it is quite bulky having a thickness of 15mm. This watch would be perfect for divers with medium to larger sized wrists.

The watch bezel is made with matt black colored metal having number markings at the 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50-minute markers and are painted white with LumiBrite for extra clarity. The dial is protected by an synthetic sapphire and not the standard Seiko Hardlex glass. The Sapphire is more scratch-resistant than Hardlex but a little more brittle. The appearance of the dial complements the black colored bezel in contrast to the stainless steel silver case and band.

Although the Seiko Prospex SUN019 can be said to be large and bulky in design, in fact this is what others view as a look and feel which exudes a tough ruggedness fitting for most sporty and adventure activities.

The Prospex SUN019 runs on the 5M85 hybrid automated Quartz movement. It combines the movement for the hands for kinetic energy, then utilizes this energy for storing in a quartz crystal. This sort of motion won’t use batteries and is also very reliable!

This 5M85 Kinetic caliber is a good and reliable trend that is well in the bearable losses/gains for the timepiece having an offset of about 15 moments average per month.

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